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The video is of ‘How a Blue Diamond’ Condensate Pump Operates.

An important point to note is that the Blue Diamond pumps operate with a rotary diaphragm …
so the pumps do not require a filter or float … No filter to Clog  –  No float to Stick … as all airborne
particles pulled in by the wall-split air conditioning … go straight through the rotary diaphragm and out.
Unlike piston motor types that ‘must have’ a filter – which can clog – and a float – which can stick… then causing so much ‘brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ noise … and a soon dead pump!
The Blue Diamond pumps use a heat sensor … when condensate touches the sensor … the sensor
immediately sends a signal to the Blue Diamond model to activate and remove the condensate within
the reservoir …  the pump will remove the condensate from the reservoir within 5-8 seconds … than into standby for at least 30 seconds – each cycle …
NOTE: should a pump remain on more than 8 seconds – and less than 30 seconds in standby … the pump is undersized for the application.
This applies to ALL mini-split suction lift condensate pumps.
Blue Diamond pumps can even operate with air in the line – with no issues to the pump … perfect for our conditions.