Condensate Pumps For Air Conditioners


It may sound like an everyday ordinary medical issue … sadly … to many people … it is critical!

THIS IS POLLEN SEASON … this is very serious to many people … so at least suggest to your A/C clients. … if they have a family member who suffers hay fever or pollen related allergies.

Advise them on Blue Science … give them the option.

Just a few seasons back … people died due to a terrible pollen attack in Melbourne.

The worst times:

Melbourne and Hobart: October through December.

Sydney – Canberra – Adelaide: Throughout Spring

Brisbane and Darwin: Moderate throughout the year.

Consider using BLUE SCIENCE for your clients whom may have family members who suffer from hay fever, pollen related allergies and respiratory concerns … give them the choice … let your client decide … this way … you have gone out of your way to at least advice your clients.

Check out both these Blue Science ‘UV Air Disinfection System’ videos … firstly to watch how the UV-c attacks and destroys the DNA-RNA of the bacteria through UV-c Irradiation.
The second video shows you the ease to install the UV-c LED Air Disinfection Strip inside an existing wall-split air conditioning unit …
NOTE: Further information in the Blue Science section covers installation of the UV-c LED Air Disinfection Strip into FCU (Fan Coil Units)