Condensate Pumps For Air Conditioners

1-YS Parts Washer Pump

Number ONE in the World … submersible for pumping unheated metal parts cleaning solvent which are UL classified as PJQU such as kerosene based.

  • 1/150 HP oil filled motor
  • Cast aluminium housing
  • Nylon volute
  • Viton® shaft seal
  • Polyethylene screen
  • 25.4mm conduit fitting
  • IP 68

Oil filled cast aluminium for use with Stoddard solvent and deodorized kerosene submerged parts washer applications only. Seal unit has double-lip VitonÒ seal and nylon volute with 1/4” MNPT discharge. 6’ power cord without plug has “Master Builders” conduit fitting at pump housing for mounting. For pumping unheated metal parts cleaning solvent which is UL classified as PJQU, as described in the Gas and Oil Equipment Directory. These refine petroleum distillates are free from tendency to heat spontaneously; they have a closed cup flash point not lower than 38°C. Thermally protected.
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