Condensate Pumps For Air Conditioners


Together they have developed the “UV DISINFECTION SYSTEM”…using powerful LED UV-c technology…which is scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of viruses…including coronaviruses…and bacteria by destroying their DNA through ‘Germicidal Irradiation’…

As you would know…UV irradiation technology has been used successfully for decades taking out the impurities in water to make water safer for drinking around the world…and in fresh foods…UV irradiation has increased shelf life and in killing microorganisms.

So…UV irradiation works…it works so well that we just take it for granted today…

In America they moved to UV irradiation of ‘air’ years ago in commercial areas…but the UV ‘bulb and ‘fluorescents’ technology…is good…but bulbs only last a year and fluorescents two…so they need constant replacement…and are tricky to install!

Whereas the BlueScience technicians have gone with the longer life ‘UV – LEDS’…assuring a much lower power consumption…and so much easier to install as the BlueScience UV DISINFECTION SYSTEM uses a UV-c LED adhesive flexible strip to secure.

UV-c scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacterial, destroying the DNA through germicidal irradiation and our close association with the Blue Diamond Pump team…and their Medical and Scientific Divisions (BlueScience) of the parent company…Charles Austen Pumps – UK.

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