Condensate Pumps For Air Conditioners


  • 1/200 HP epoxy-encapsulated motor (518039)
  • 1/40 HP epoxy-encapsulated motor (518477)
  • 1/35 HP epoxy-encapsulated motor (518638)
  • Glass-filled polyester housing and cover
  • Polypropylene volute and screen
  • Nitrile shaft seal
  • Submersible use only
  • IP 68
  • PE-1 Measurement: H:91mm X 88mm X 70mm
  • PE-2 Measurement: H:106mm X 123mm X 70mm
  • PE-2.5 Measurement: H:99mm X 102mm X 114mm

Submersible, water transfer or recirculation, water displays, air-conditioning and machine tool coolants

[The PE-2.5 cannot be altered to a hooded volute intake]
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