Condensate Pumps For Air Conditioners

RS-5 + RS-5LL The RS converts Manual pumps to Automatic Operation

  • Non floating type water control switch
  • Can be fixed to pump or mounted separately
  • Available configured with normally open (pump down) or, normally closed (pump up) switch
  • Supplied with Stainless steel mounting screws and 2 X poly cable ties
  • When used in conjunction with a suitable controller, the RS-5 can convert virtually any pump to automatic operation

Piggyback Diaphragm Switch. Converts manual pumps to automatic operation

The switch is active by pressure to the diaphragm through rising water around the switch hosing It can be used on any 230V or 240V pump up to 1/2HP rated at 10amps or less or with RS-LL up to 1/3 HP

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